Our founder, creative leader & filmmaker, Ehmer Kirmani, has ignited an IDEAL purpose of Media Idee’s existence, to empower our Gen Z by nurturing them to grow with us.

Our goal of helping clients unleash the true potential of their brand through nurturing and humanising the brand with a meaningful purpose will now get more significant with this IDEAL purpose associated with us.

To create a poverty-free society by providing job opportunities for our Gen Z of South Asian countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. And nurturing Gen Z to excel in their skills and contribute to their countries’ growing economies eventually helps transform communities and nations.

While on the other side, we’re aiming to Nurture the Genz of the US & European region, particularly countries like the USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

Genz students studying in various leading universities in European & American Regions can join our platform and work with our global team on various creative and digital projects by spending a couple of hours online with us.

Our global teams nurture Gen Z to learn how the corporate world works by providing them with training and exposure to work on various ongoing creative and digital assignments. We involve them in how to craft and develop the brand design, communication strategies, ideation, storytelling and overall process of creative and digital assets amplifications.

Instead of doing odd jobs during their university life, Gen Z students need to spend a few hours, enabling them to make performance-based compensation.

Above all, Gen Z has the relevant working experience that eventually helps them once they start their professional journey. Thus our Genz Initiative helps them shape their career path.

That’s why we founded our First Digital & Content Production Hub in Pakistan and Thailand, centrally coordinating with our UAE HQ by giving services to clients, agencies, media networks and start-ups across the globe. Eventually, we will expand regional offices to other South Asian countries.

Nurture to Empower