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Igniting A Purpose-Led Marcom Network

In the dynamic landscape of brand communication, our journey, envisioned by Ehmer Kirmani, unfolds as an odyssey driven by creativity and strategic cultural foresight. Ehmer’s belief that “Your Brand Culture Has The Power To Shape The World” forms the cornerstone of our philosophy.

The inception of the Brand Culture Network marked the beginning of a transformative era in brand communication. We go beyond creating brands; we cultivate, humanize, and nurture purpose-led IDEAL brands.

Our approach combines the power of ideas with sustainability, driving positive change and empowering brands to conquer their marketplaces.

By uniting leading powerhouses from branding, creative, digital, production, activation, and amplification networks under one umbrella, we have established an integrated marcom network.

This synergy allows us to craft soulful, transformative communications and engage in 360º Brand Amplifications, seamlessly integrating global perspectives from our multicultural teams and advertising leaders from both the Western and Eastern hemispheres.

Joining Ehmer in this purpose-driven odyssey is Laur Barbu, a seasoned creative director with extensive experience in multinational agencies and global brands across the European region. Inspired by Ehmer’s vision and odyssey, Laur has come on board as a co-founder. Together, they are driven to revolutionize the advertising industry by assembling a global team of talented professionals, creating a network where talent owns a stake and partners in the success based on their performance.

A Brand-First Hybrid Working Model

We are at the forefront of introducing international brand-building learnings and concepts to the MENA and Asia-Pacific regions. Our approach centers on Cultural Branding, through which we cultivate, humanize, and nurture Purpose-Led IDEAL Brands, empowering them to excel in their markets. This method blends a global perspective with local insights, creating a rich mosaic of experiences from our international team’s work across Europe and Asia with the world’s top brands.

Our hybrid working model leverages this global-local synergy. Our advertising leaders, marcom consultants, and multicultural teams collaborate closely with regional teams on Culture Branding Projects. Together, we streamline the brand odyssey from defining the brand’s purpose and manifesto to embedding the brand culture deeply into narratives. This culminates in amplifying these narratives through soulful storytelling across all IDEAL mediums, effectively connecting with audiences worldwide.

200+ Years of Collective Marcom Expertise

Our global and regional leaders, consultants, and network teams in Marcom & Advertising boast over 200 years of collective experience. This expertise is drawn from significant roles at premier international and regional brands, leading clients, and top global network agencies. Today, they are integral to our Marcom Network Companies and continue working under the visionary leadership of our founders, culture and creative knights, and team leaders to Cultivate, Humanize, and Nurture Purpose-Led Brands to shape the world.

Our Cultural DNA

Culturally Led

We believe in cultural diversity. It is people of different races, religions, nationalities, and communities coming together for a singular purpose to shape the communities and make this world a better place to live.

Working together in a group that celebrates diversity is an invaluable experience, and it ignites the team to cultivate creativity.

Creatively Diversified

Strategic Driven

We believe the journey to cultivating an ideal brand is through a rigorous cultural branding strategy driven by clear and measurable goals and rooted in meaningful brand purpose to craft inspiring brand culture.

We believe in unity in cultural diversity, where we humans unite to create soulful work that adds value to people’s lives.

Humanly Soulful

Our Cultural Knights: Architects of Brand Imagery & Storytelling



Ehmer Kirmani is a forward-thinking creative leader, an award-winning creative and branding director, and a cultural strategic and brand imagery architect, storyteller, and filmmaker. With over two decades of multicultural experience, he has been at the forefront of nurturing numerous global and regional brands, transforming them into iconic cultural phenomena that lead their marketplaces.

Ehmer believes that a brand is much more than a logo or a product; it’s a movement, a philosophy, a force capable of shaping the world. Every brand has a story, and every story holds the power to inspire, change perspectives, and make a tangible difference.

His professional odyssey is a testament to harnessing the power of ideas to create positive, meaningful change and his work revolves around creative transformation and perception reshaping, achieved by cultivating powerful branding and imagery, distinctive brand cultures, and compelling storytelling as successful brands are, at their core, successful culture stories. This approach enables brands to thrive in their marketplaces and resonate deeply, influence profoundly, and create their own unique cultures.

Each of his ventures showcases his role as a founder and creative soul, dedicated to crafting inspiring brands with a purpose. Every step of his journey has been about pushing boundaries and redefining norms. As he continues on this path, his focus remains steadfast on creating enduring legacies by crafting brands that not only resonate today but also inspire and shape cultures for generations to come.

His journey began with strategic leadership at Grey Worldwide. Following this pivotal experience, he embarked on a path of entrepreneurial creativity and film direction, founding several ventures that reflect his passion for branding, creativity, storytelling, and cinematic art, all under A Brand-First Marcom Network.

Under his inspired leadership and strategic direction, the global teams at A Brand-First Marcom Network have delivered a series of successful 360º integrated marketing and advertising campaigns. These experiential and engaging brand journeys have elevated leading international and regional multi-billion value-winning brands to new heights.

Ehmer’s creative odyssey in exploring the realms of creativity and filmmaking is a journey that never ceases. It’s fueled by a rich tapestry of inspiration drawn from life itself: nature, people, relationships, cultures, places, foods, books, movies, science, and technology. These elements are not mere sources of inspiration but vital in continually honing his directorial skills and expertise. Collaborating with some of the finest creative and filmmaking talents from both the Western and Eastern hemispheres, he constantly acquires valuable knowledge and develops his creative spirit.

This diverse and enriching odyssey empowers Ehmer to translate his boundless journey of creativity and filmmaking into the art of cultivating, humanizing, and nurturing purpose-led ideal brands. His approach transcends conventional branding, infusing life into brands to resonate on a more profound, human level. Ehmer’s narrative is a testament to relentless creativity and passion, a perpetual quest to bring transformative and meaningful brand stories to life.

This journey has been enriched by working with distinguished companies and brands such as Toyota, General Tyre, Nestle, Unilever, Jazz, Mobilink, BAT, Philip Morris, LU, Danone, Ponds, Nivea, Golden Pearl, SHE, Velva, Acheve, Capri, Bella Greek, Neutrogena, Glow & Lovely, Botanika, Olay, Tullo, Mayfair, Emirates Airline, IFFCO, Tiffany, Mitsubishi, GTR Tyre, Meezan Bank, Hilal Foods, National Foods, O’MyLove, Tapal, Harlig, Ulker, Ramak, Bank Alfalah, Akhuwat, ICI Dulux, Effie, PAS, New Holland Tractor, Jang Media Group, GSK, Sandoz, Roche, Novartis, Pfizer and many more.

If your brand has a tale waiting to be told, Ehmer is the master key to unlocking its narrative potential, from deriving brand purpose and culture to revolutionizing branding with soulful design and communication through captivating storytelling and inspiring imagery.

With the heart of a storyteller and the craft of a cinematic maestro, Ehmer collaborates with you and his global teams at Brand Culture Network. He intricately weaves the threads of branding, ideation, storytelling, and ad filmmaking into a tapestry that transforms brand stories into powerful, culturally rich narratives that resonate deeply with audiences but also embody a distinct culture and meaningful purpose to inspire action.

Ehmer Kirmani firmly believes that “Your Brand Culture Has The Power To Shape The World.” This approach is the heartbeat of the Brand Culture Network ethos, embodying Ehmer’s revolutionary creative odyssey in transforming brand narratives and imagery.

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With over 20 years of advertising and branding experience, Laur is our executive creative director and go-to guy for international campaigns.

Even though he started out as a copywriter, he soon discovered that branding and concept development were offering a richer work experience. Since then, he has worked as a senior creative copywriter, associate creative director or creative director at various international advertising agencies, developing successful branding and launch campaigns for global audiences and bringing home several international awards as proof.

So, if you’ve seen campaigns for Audi, Opel, SEAT, Chevrolet, Vodafone, T-mobile, Dunhill, Davidoff, Rizla, PokerStars, Unilever, WWF, Real Madrid C.F. or F.C. Barcelona, chances are our creative director was part of the of the creative team while working at Ogilvy & Mather, DDB, Scholz & Friends or TBWA.


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