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We started an initiative, “A Partner in Need is a Partner Indeed,” a couple of years ago during the Covid_19 scenario, where we all faced losing our loved ones’ lives, economic meltdown, layoffs, salaries cuts and lockdown.

On one side, Doctors & Medical Staff took care of Human Healing; at the same time, we felt it was the need of the hour that seasoned advertising & marketing professionals with diverse portfolios collaborated to create a better world by doing Professional Healing.

That’s why we have created an Online Digital Amplification Platform for Advertising Agencies, Creative Boutiques, Design Studios and Independent & Freelance Advertising & Marketing Communities.

They successfully utilized our platform to execute all their digital assets developments. Besides that, we also provided them with a pool of talented global resources and assets to work on their advertising and branding assignments.

Fast forward to today, economies are showing signs of turmoil on both sides of the Atlantic, inflation is at the highest level in more than 40 years and exceptions for a recession are increasing both in the EU & US, besides other regions of the world.

Considering these difficult times, we’ve invested resources into launching an Ideal Referral Partners Platform for our advertising and marketing community to help them earn and grow with us. The only way we know how to since we’re skilled in advertising.

In today’s digital age, professionals get the ability and capability to work on multiple ventures and expand their true potential into an alternate revenue-generating model.

That’s why we believe that your Networking is a way of translating an asset into a revenue stream.

Our platform is ideal for all those professionals who are good at Networking, generating leads and sales.

We also kept this platform open for freelance professionals and business consultants to submit proposals.

Get in touch with us if you think you can be an Ideal business referral partner who can effectively translate their Networking, professional journeys and social contacts into developing business through marketing and promoting our following services:

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Please fill out the form to learn more about the platform. We’ll arrange a video call of the short-listed professionals with our team leaders before sending them the contract to become our Business Referral Partners.

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    Mobile Apps & Gaming
    Explainer & Content Videos
    Animation & Motion Graphics
    Logo & Digital Assets Branding


    TV Commercials
    Corporate Videos
    Music Videos
    Branded Content
    VFX & Animations
    Line Productions
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