Creative Transformation & Perception Reshaping

Escape The Ordinary

Gardenia Residency

Gardenia is a real estate company owned and operated entirely in UAE.

The challenge was to present Gardenia as an affordable luxury real estate company that understands the needs of its affluent clients, and to reinforce values of premium and quality with value, often not associated with the real estate industry.

To this point, Gardenia had never presented itself as anything more than a mid-level company, which was polarizing in an increasingly sophisticated market of the UAE.

The brand also wanted to appeal to the next generation of real estate agents and encourage them to join the network. The first step was to update the brand position and visual identity to appeal to an affluent audience.

The second step was to reposition the brand to ‘Escape the Ordinary’, an indirect attack launched with an advertising campaign and rolled out via numerous marketing initiatives. The new position enabled Gardenia to present themselves as serious experts in real estate by providing far more value for money than other real estate firms were doing.


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