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Golden Pearl

The Golden Pearl Cosmetic launched the Beauty Cream in 1997; however, despite numerous marketing & advertising initiatives, even top celebrity film stars such as Meera & Sana endorsed the Golden Pearl Beauty Cream, but the brand persona and imagery remained perceived as a functional, low-quality product.

The prominent brand imagery issues arising as to ‘Aspiration,’ ‘Modern Day Brand,’ ‘Quality,’ and ‘Innovation’ due to the lack of a singular brand communication built around a master brand identity.

Creativecom challenged revamping the brand to a more modern, upscale brand on par with Pakistan’s leading personal care brands, such as Ponds, Fair & Lovely, Nivea, and other regional beauty brands competing in the category.

Creativecom revamped the entire communication and tailored it to the demands of the modern-day consumer’s lifestyle, positioning the brand on ‘Beauty Forever’ with the brand story built on a glamourous image and an upscale lifestyle culminating with the golden girl at a masquerade ball, symbolism of elite, royalty, and gaiety.


Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning Statement

Brand ID & Seed

Communication Strategy

Brand Capsule


Creative Platform

Ideation & Storytelling

TV Concept & Storyboard

Copy & Content Writing

Key Visuals & Branding

Print Ads & OOH

Production Management

International Film Production

On-Boarding Filmmaking Teams

Director Board & Treatment Note

Production Design & Plan

Talent Management

Singer & Music

Still Photography

Shoot & Post Production


The brand image has uplifted across all attributes, sales have sky-rocketed, and now the brand successfully transformed itself into the No.1 Selling Multi-Billion Beauty Brand within a couple of years after the airing of new communications.