Creative Transformation & Perception Reshaping

Producer Of Happy Skin

Moisturizing Lotion

Golden Pearl Moisturizing Lotion was set to introduce the Golden Pearl Moisturizing Whitening Lotion and required a brand culture strategy with complete 360-degree communications.

The previous Golden Beauty Cream Communications, which re-positioned the brand on a “Socialite Culture” platform, was also done by CreativeCom, which became a considerable success rocketing Golden Pearl into the No. 1 Beauty Brand in its category and hence the same magic of great Storytelling required for the launch.


Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning Statement

Brand ID & Seed

Communication Strategy

Brand Capsule


Creative Platform

Ideation & Storytelling

TV Concept & Storyboard

Copy & Content Writing

Key Visuals & Branding

Print Ads & OOH

Production Management

International Film Production

On-Boarding Filmmaking Teams

Director Board & Treatment Note

Production Design & Plan

Celebrity Management

Singer & Music

Still Photography

Shoot & Post Production

The Ideation & Storytelling

The ideation was to communicate the brand to capture the category benefits, i.e., Power of Honey and Care of Body Lotion.
The youthful imagery of the brand was created at par with international brands such as Vaseline, Dove, Nivea, and Ponds, and built the communication on depicting the ‘girl next door.

The Storytelling of the brand built around ’Skin That Feels Good’ communications; rather than being seen as simply manufacturers of lotions and products, CreativeCom positioned Golden Pearl as ‘Producers of Good Mornings,’ and such communicated in the story as “Good Morning Sunshine, Good Morning Happiness,” eliciting the feeling of being pampered by the product.

The throw of the pillow, the feeling of happiness in the shower, the aspirational outdoor usage shots, and the capturing of elation of the Celebrity Soap Oprah actress Nikita Dutta all highlighted the “Producers of Happiness” concept and the ’Skin That Feels Good’ was shown in the product and usage shots.

The commercial was set in the picturesque backdrop of Thailand, emphasizing its serenity, colorful ambiance, and background.

The contemporary and hip music jingle was composed, which added the “Happiness” tangent into the ad, livening up the ad till the end with energy and oomph factor.