Creative Transformation & Perception Reshaping

Khushhali Ke Bunyaad

Foundation Of Prosperity

Agritech (Formerly Pak-American Fertilizers LTD) was launching its first Nitrogenous & Phosphatic fertilizers in Pakistan and required a marketing campaign to engage the farmers, particularly from Rural Punjab.

Creativecom was engaged to work on the launch marketing campaign from deriving the brand strategy, brand nomenclature, identity, branding, packaging and full-fledge adverting campaign from TV, Print, Radio and Out of Home.


Brand Strategy

Brand Nomenclature

Brand Identity & Logo

Brand Positioning Statment

Brand ID & Seed

Communication Strategy

Brand Capsule

Packaging & Branding


Creative Platform

Ideation & Storytelling

Copy & Content Writing

Key Visuals

POS & Merchandising

Print Ads & OOH

Production Management

Ad Film Production

Music Video (BEC) Productions

On-Boarding Filmmaking Teams

Director Board & Treatment Note

Production Design & Plan

Talent Management

Still Photography

Shoot & Post Production

For this, we had to plug deep into their lives.

  • The star, for them, was more than just a symbol.
    • They see stars on TV when they’re with their family.
    • Stars signify new hopes, fulfillment and a promise of property in their lives.
    • Plus, most of all, they want to be the stars of their families
  • By bringing up their family happily & ensuring them a brighter future & quality life.
  • Having their family and their peers look up to them.
  • These were the emotive associations that were used in communication.

The nomenclature & communication derived from the above insights of the farmer’s lives, which were that the good crop is the ‘Star” of the farmer” that brings real prosperity in their lives; that’s how the brand name “Tara Urea” was born.

Another aspect of Tara was named keeping in mind the illiteracy levels of rural Pakistan; most farmers cannot read and often depend on strong symbols and icons to differentiate between various brands.

When it comes to brand strategy & storytelling, humanizing the brand and building an emotional bonding & relationship with farmers by positioning Tara Urea as “Khushhali ke Bunyaad”.

Tara Urea not only transformed arid land into lush green productive fields but increased the overall yields and ensured good quality crops. That’s why Tara Urea became the Tara of every farmer and earned his trust by bringing real prosperity to their lives.

We associated the brand with the best celebrities of the Pakistani cinema, Nirma, Arbaz Khan, Tauqeer Nasir, and Saba Faisal. Celebrity singer Jawad Ahmed sang the song and famous music director & composer Sahir Ali Bagga worked on the soundtrack to create the desi-style filmy piece.

Thus ensuring that Tara’s message shone through cultural and cinematic-style communications considering the target audience.

Besides working on an advertising campaign comprised of a TV commercial, Print, OOH, Radio and branding, we have also worked out on branded entertainment content in the form of the music video to help the brand Tara not only to become the TOM in a quick period but effectively & efficiently create a strong emotive bond with the farmer.

The communication was super hit by winning the heart & trust of farmers, and today Tara Urea is one of the most celebrated and trusted brand names in the fertilizer market.