Integrated Marketing Campaign

Your Delicious Breakfast Call

No More Breakfast Calls

Tiffany, the flagship brand of IFFCO, was entering the first time in the Rusk category through the launch of Tiffany Rusks and required a 360º marketing/advertising campaign.


Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning Statement

Brand ID & Seed

Communication Strategy


Creative Transformation

Creative Platform

Ideation & Storytelling

TV Concept & Storyboard

Copy & Content Writing

Key Visuals

Digital & Social

Print Ads & OOH

Production Management

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Production Design & Plan

Talent Management

Singer & Music

Still Photography

Shoot & Post Production

Ideation & Storytelling

Through insights, it unearthed that housewives and mothers face a ‘time crunch’ of getting everybody ready for schools and offices

The brand’s purpose was thus established and presented rusks as a solution of ‘no more breakfast calls’, We would help families start a Great Morning every day.

The communication aimed to show consumers the delicious crunch of tiffany’s rusks and make it a part of every family’s breakfast table.

To differentiate tiffany rusks from its rival rusk brands, we believed it was important that the communication highlighted the unique freshness because of the three new pack process, which translates into a better, more satisfying ‘crunch’ sound rather than the usual attributes of Rusk -common selling points in the industry.

Taking the ownership of “crunch,” which is one of the key attributes of rusks, we strongly communicated the natural ingredients by showing high-speed beauty shots, i.e., milk, wheat, flour, butter, and cardamom.

In the communication from the perspective of a mother/housewife making breakfast for her family, the emphasized the ideology that Rusk promises a nutritionally rich & tasty morning breakfast that helps people start a wonderful day, a promise we communicated by showing that the rusks were so delicious that they called everyone to the table immediately.

The communication consistently underscored that tiffany rusks were the perfect way for families to have breakfast together.


The communication was a super hit, boosting the brand’s Top of Mind recall and increasing sales.

In a short period and became the largest selling brand in UAE and emerged as the leading brand among the top three players in the GCC region.

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