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The City With No Limits

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The Motor City, by the Shaikhani Group, is a real estate project, the first sports theme-based residential and commercial project launched in Karachi, Pakistan.
The project includes a range of luxurious residential villas, bungalows, convention complexes, and a visionary circuit track.

We envisioned this project that combines luxury, passion for speed, and modern lifestyle into an innovative living concept and craft a brand manifesto to communicate this.

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The race for luxury is over, meet the winner!


The city with no limits!

The Motor City By Shaikhani

In a crowded metropolis like Karachi, we’ve envisioned a project that combines luxury, passion for speed and modern lifestyle into an innovative living concept.

At the heart of this thrilling experience lies the Motor City Race Track, a unique feature where future residents are welcomed to unleash their automotive passion. And to make sure we’re meeting the high standards of our clients, we’ve employed the knowledge and skills of international circuit-building company.

The circuit is accompanied by numerous facilities meant to support the modern “fast lane” lifestyle, where residents have seamless access to the Gaming Arena (Best-in-class equipment for ultimate gaming), Fun City , Sports Complex (The cutting-edge in sports technologies), Superstore, Prestigious Brands Showrooms, Vintage Car Dealers, the alluring Food Street (Conveniently located diversity), high standard Conference Centre (Driven by efficiency. For professionals), Mosque, Health Centre and Hospital (State-of-the-art care for your health).

The future owners will have a complete luxury housing range to choose from. Starting with the land plots, the perfect way to secure a smart, future investment, our offer includes cozy villas and is complemented by the luxurious units built according to your dream-house plans.

To make sure our project is built around the promise of a unique living experience, we’ve researched, found and developed the perfect location. Away from the pollution and cluttered traffic of the busy metropolis, but comfortably close to urban points of interest, Motor City offers the ideal balance required for an active modern lifestyle. Combine all these remarkable features with the automotive centered concept and you have the perfect high-octane mix to fuel your passion for living in the fast lane.

The Motor City – The City With No Limits

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