Creative Transformation & Perception Reshaping

Barhay Sachay Rishton Ka Pyar

Nurturing Love, Nurturing Taste

Young’s Foods decided to launch it’s first ever ATL communications for their brand Young’s Mayonnaise of brand, where the brand aims to create their inspiring imagery at par with the international food brand and depict their leadership positioning being the No.1 Selling Multi-Billion Value Winning Brand.
The biggest creative challenge was the limitations of not showing any models or using any jingle or music in the commercials, considering its shariah compliance advertising.

The brief was given to create an emotion appeal in storytelling by exploring the relationship of mother & daughters and their bond with Young’s Mayonnaise.


Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning Statement

Communication Strategy


Creative Platform

Ideation & Storytelling

TV Concept & Storyboard

Copy & Content Writing

Key Visuals

Production Management

Tabletop Film Production

On-Boarding Filmmaking Teams

Director Board & Treatment Note

Production Design & Plan

Food Styling Direction

Still Photography

Shoot & Post Production


The overall communications effectively own the loving relationship platform of mother & daughters bond and established Young’s Mayonnaise as their favorite taste partner, which also come out very strong in post research result conduct after the airing of ATL Communications.
The communications also strengthen their leadership positioning and generate sales volume with 2X growth vs industries growth.

The Ideation & Storytelling

We created Young’s Mayonnaise brand purpose “Enhancing the Taste of Love” by deriving its brand culture around “Culture of Nurturing Relationships” by crafting the captivating storytelling of the mother & daughter relationship by picking the moment from their life where both were working together in the kitchen.

In this digital era, today’s girl next door usually considers themselves master chef whenever they take charge of the kitchen to cook their favorite meal.

Taking their inspiration from cooking shows & online recipes while experimenting with the new recipes fuse with their creative skills and, off-course, always get guidance from their mother.

On the other hand, the mother always takes pride in her expertise & experience being a homemaker. Once mother and daughter skills combine, they have prepared unique new tasty dishes where Young’s Mayonnaise, their favorite taster partner, enhance the taste of the meal and their love & bond with each other & the entire family.

Summing up the entire communication with the brand capsule, “Strengthening the bond of a true relationship.”

“Young’s Mayonnaise… Barhaae Sachhe Rishton Ka Pyaar”