A Brand-First Gaming Agency

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Thrilling Stories, Inspiring Play

We are a Brand-First Gaming Agency, providing the perfect blend of thrill and inspiring interactivity through games. Our work propels our clients further and faster in their digital landscape, creating adventurous customer experiences.

Our Gaming Studio, the entertainment division of MI Films Worldwide, the global production network, is powered by a multicultural team ready to weave magic. We deliver thrilling entertainment value by creatively blending ideation, storytelling, art, and technology.

We embrace an approach that appreciates the creative interplay between analytical and imaginative thinking between the left and right brain. We firmly believe in the power of marrying data and storytelling, and when mathematicians and poets join forces, the results are indeed more powerful.

With extensive expertise in insights, analysis, design, development, deployment, and promotion of high-quality interactive content worldwide, we equip brands for the future, joining them at any point in their journey to ensure success.