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Captivating Stories, Inspiring Imagery

We are A Brand-First Production Agency that helps to empower brands through captivating storytelling and inspiring imagery to lead in their respective marketplace with powerful and distinctive brand imagery.

We know the art of crafting, directing and producing captivating storytelling with inspiring brand imagery with a cinematic style & approach to bring the magic to every film we do for the world’s leading international & regional Multi-Billions Winning Brands.

We work globally with our clients and agencies in Asia, the Middle East, and beyond under the visionary leadership of our creative filmmaker, who leads our world’s best multicultural team of film community professionals from the Western and Eastern Hemispheres.

We did our significant shootings and post-production in Thailand, Pakistan, UAE, India and Turkey while in Spain, Poland and the UK through our worldwide partner’s network.

Look at our Manifesto, Tabletop Food Reel, TV Commercials, Branded Content, and BTS Gallery, which truly reflects our edge in crafting, directing & producing high-end brand imagery commercials and branded content.


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With a storyteller’s heart, our visionary creative leader, filmmaker and storyteller Ehmer Kirmani knows how to unlock the magic in filmmaking and translate that into a story that people love.

With a 20+ year multinational track record of nurturing the world’s leading international and regional brands through creative transformation and perception reshaping, crafted inspiring brand imagery with captivating storytelling to win in their respective marketplace.

With his global exposure and over two decades of working experience with a wide range of the world’s best creative & filmmaking teams, Ehmer’s journey into the creative direction, storytelling, and filmmaking has acquired a decisive edge from his creative eye and strategic thinking developed over the years.

His filmmaking journey started with his first step into advertising. As an advertising leader, Ehmer has worked on major advertising campaigns for regional and international clients while being a part of global network agencies building some of the most iconic brands through meaningful purpose-driven communications and powerful storytelling.

However, passion drove him into filmmaking, and, with his prior experience with the best brands in the world, he tapped into the market’s needs – the need to tell great brand stories through the magic of film.

He had traveled across the globe and collaborated with awarding-winning global film directors and storytellers, creatives and art directors, cinematographers, and film production teams to work on numerous projects for leading international and regional brands. He also attended multiple filmmaking and storytelling workshops and courses to gain knowledge, experience, and expertise in film direction and storytelling, thus transforming himself into a visionary filmmaker.