GTR Tyre Rebranding


Re-Branding & Creative Transformation

The Rebirth of Iconic Brand

The Generation of Achievers

The Rebirth, Rebranding and Creative Transformation from Perception Re-Shaping to Transition of 55-year-old iconic global brand General Tyre into GTR, the No.1 Selling Tyre Brand.

A brand formerly owned by General Tyre & Rubber Company / Continental AG Germany.


Cultural Branding

Brand Purpose

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Every Journey Has A Destination

The Challenge

Complete Re-Branding & Creative Transformation from Perception Re-Shaping to Transition of 55-year old iconic brand General Tyre required.

Research shows that General Tyre has a weak brand persona brand imagery brand engagement and brand identity as today’s youth feel it’s a brand for the older generation not communicating to them at all.

Every Journey Has A Destination

The Solution

The re-branding, creative transformation & perception reshaping of General Tyre to a purpose-led brand with a new brand name that derived its own unique brand culture was the perfect strategic direction to be taken, considering the future product line extension in the Automotive category.

Our Approach

We need to define a brand purpose & determine its culture that not only gives rebirth to the iconic brand General Tyre through its transition into the purpose-led brand GTR.

Over 55 years of expertise, manufactured on German technology, tested in Japan and Europe, GTR engineered, designed and refined to fit any road conditions.

GTR gives youth the ability to move forward, alleviating their worries by making life safer on the wheels, and empowering them in every journey to reach their ultimate destination, thus enabling them to achieve their goals and dreams.

Brand Culture Hive

Our Cultural Branding Toolkit

Working on culture branding strategic global Marcom toolkit “Brand Culture Hive.” our team at BCN Global derives the brand purpose, manifesto and culture strategy by fusing insights.

That enables us to work out the strategic creative direction “The Generation Of Achievers” to craft the communication and 360º amplification to create inspiring brand journeys with distinctive brand culture across all mediums.

That’s how we Cultivate, Humanise and Nurture Purpose-Led IDEAL GTR Brand to win their marketplace.

Brand Purpose

Enabling Dreams, Embracing Journeys


The Generation of Achievers

Rebirth & Rebranding of iconic Brand

We worked on brand architecture by modernizing the identity system to create a new brand name, a new identity, and a new monogram to introduce a new bold, dynamic and progressive purpose-led brand GTR Tyre.

In doing so, we transformed an outdated brand aesthetic into a globally-minded system that was not only relevant but groundbreaking and set a new tone and level of design achievement for the entire automotive category.

Thus, our branding team successfully reborn, re-brand & transition 55 years old iconic brand General Tyre into GTR Tyre. We built an identity system that set us apart from the pack and established new journey rules for branding every customer touchpoint.

Corporate Identity



3D Tyres

Bringing our creative platform to life

The Generation of Achievers

We bring our creative platform to life through captivating storytelling, “The Generation of Achievers,” with the brand capsule of “Every journey has a destination,” we showcase the journey of a young achiever.

We have captured the beautiful landscape, the road infrastructures, and the rough & rocky tracks. Being a reliable journey partner GTR Tyre makes the experience on the road safe while adding the pleasure of a smooth drive throughout the journey.
That’s how GTR empowers young achievers in every journey to reach their ultimate destinations and enables them to achieve their goals and dreams.

BCN worked closely with our network companies and strategic alliance partners to bring this platform to life, tailoring it to the needs of each communications platform and mediums.

Achieving The Unachieved

Our global and regional teams, under the leadership of our creative leader, strategic culture branding narrator & filmmaker, Ehmer Kirmani, who always believed in achieving the unachieved through passion, creativity, and teamwork, worked on this exciting project.

Our Marcom Network team worked closely with the client’s management & marketing team, consultants and strategic alliance partners on the Rebirth of the 55-year-old iconic global brand General Tyre into GTR.


  • Brand Culture Network | A Brand-First Marcom Agency
  • Creativecom | A Brand-First Creative Agency
  • Media Idee | A Brand-First Amplification Agency
  • MI Films Worldwide | A Brand-First Production Agency
  • Founder, Chief Creative & Filmmaker: Ehmer Kirmani
  • Co-Founder & ECD: Laur Barbu
  • Executive Director – MENA: Xahid Rashid


  • Creative Director (Copy): Jonathan Olivier
  • Lead Strategists: Tuudor Lonut
  • Brand Culture Strategists: Hasita Raisinghani
  • Chief Architect & Designer: Ar. Purnia Farrukh
  • Business Director: Sophia Melek


  • Creative Director Amplifications: Shakeel Qureshi
  • Art Director: Syed Imran Uddin
  • Associate Creative Director: Syed Arsalan Ali
  • Account Manager: Abeer Ullah Ansari
  • Project: Team: Hussain Shakil, Muhammad Rashid & Faizan Rehman


  • Founder & CEO: Aleem Durrani
  • Director: Natasha Durrani
  • Business Director: Adeel Raza
  • Account Director: Mohammad Ashar Noman
  • Account Manager: Syed Muhammad Masud


  • CEO/MD: Hussain Kuli Khan
  • Executive Director Marketing: Muhammad Amin Khan
  • GM Marketing Services: Ali Asad Usmani
  • Marcom Consultants: Mahmood Nanji & Aleem Duraani
  • Featuring Film & TV Star: Bilal Ashraf


  • Ideation, Storytelling & Direction: Ehmer Kirmani
  • Managing Partner: Farrukh Kemall
  • Art Direction Film: Ar. Purnia Farrukh
  • Executive Producer: Sherry Brik
  • Creative Producer: Shakeel Qureshi
  • DOP: Zain Haleem
  • AD: Syeda Maryam & Ather Zaidi
  • Project Manager / BTS: Reehana Latif
  • Camera Car: Islamuddin
  • B-Roll DOP: Ali Haider Baloch
  • Celebrity Management: Syed Noman Alam
  • Fashion Stylists: Vardah Aziz
  • Makeup: Nadeem William
  • Stills: Iftikhar Ahmed
  • Sound: Mono Productions
  • Composer: Asif Noorani
  • Vocalists: Sebastian & Juan
  • Voice Over: Nad-e-Ali
  • Color Grading: Zari Mohd @ Big Foot
  • Production House: MI Films Worldwide

360º Integrated Marketing Campaign

The Generation of Achievers

Every Journey Has A Destination

The Result

The re-branding & creative transformation of General Tyre into GTR Tyre helps reshape brand perception among the younger audience.

The communication proof proved to be a super hit, effectively accomplishing its primary goal of portraying GTR Tyre as a youthful, modern, and dynamic brand that empowers them on every journey.

3X acceleration in the growth versus the industry growth not only strengthens the leadership stance of the No.1 selling brand but also depicts the successful transformation of the iconic brand General Tyre into a purpose-led brand GTR Tyre.

Digital Transformation

A radically new purpose-centered experience for the GTR website.

The new brand imbued our holistic reimagining of the GTR website: a sleek, dynamic aesthetic that didn’t lose the new GTR grit. Brand Culture Network and our Digital Amplification agency Media Idee faced the challenge of modernizing the site architecture and making it easy for the target audience to navigate tyre types and designs.

OOH Digital

OOH Traditional

Key Visuals

Print Ads

Digital Shoutouts

Digital Social Pages

Annual Report

Exhibition Stall


GTR - The Official Tyre Partner of Peshawar Zalmi

The number 1 Franchise of the Pakistan Super League (Cricket) in terms of media and brand value. A step toward strengthening the GTR Brand Purpose, “The Generation of Achievers.”

GTR Tyre – Peshawar Zalmi is providing a platform to the upcoming young cricket players by giving them the opportunity to play with national and international players in PSL and training through international coaches to improve their playing skills.

By embracing this journey, their dream enables them to showcase their natural talent and performance to become achievers, as every journey has a destination.

Brand Identity Revealing - Tactical Campaign

A transition communication aired to introduce the new brand identity GTR Tyre to communicate the transition of General Tyre into GTR Tyre. Endorsement of the leadership position throughout the GTR brand identity launch campaign.

See the tactical campaign & all the branding work.

BTS Gallery

Bank Alfalah


Digital Experiential Journey

Re-Imaging Digital Experience

Corporate Websites For 5 Countries

In a connected world where the consumer now demands ‘seamless’ experiences, how do you balance the needs of multi-device usage, branding & identity, consumer usage & behavior, security and technology.
A complete digital & experiential journey, ensuring the most optimal viewing on all screens, from phones to tablets to desktops, crafted & developed by team MI.



Analysis & Discovery

Digital Strategy


System Architecture

Coding & Development

Testing & Optimization


Storytelling Direction

User Experience

User Interface Design

Art Direction

Web Imagery & Design

Responsive Design


Content Management System

Creative Copy & Content Writing

Pakistan Digi Awards 2017

Won Best Website Of The Year Award

Bank Alfalah Premier

Bank Alfalah Islamic

ICI Dulux


Perception Reshaping Relaunch Campaign

High Art Inspirations

ICI Dulux Pentalite – Ghar To Sab Ko Pyara Ha

ICI Paints, which was later acquired by AkzoNobel, is one of the world’s leading industrial companies. It had for some time struggled with ICI’s Pentalite Classic brand. Although it had scale and a powerful global footprint, it was struggling to turn this into a successful product in Pakistan due to a higher price than other paints.


Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning Statement

Brand ID & Seed

Communication Strategy


Perception Reshaping

Creative Platform

Ideation & Storytelling

TV Concept & Storyboard

Copy & Content Writing

Key Visuals

Print Ads & OOH

Production Management

Production Supervision

Celebrity Management

Still Photography

Ideation & Storytelling

Using our Strategic Toolkit, unearthing the IDEA-LOGY, the affluent markets regard their homes as a form of art and one of the ways they outshine their peers.

We built our proposition using the culture of high art summed up as ‘MY HOME IS A CLASSIC’. Using ‘Gulgee’, Pakistan’s no. 1 artist we told the story of shining out with the brand and the painting with the brand as nothing less than a work of art which propelled our brand into double digit revenue growth.

Won The Best Global Campaign Award


The business derived significant financial benefit from this approach, hitting 4X estimated sales and with brand share rising for the portfolio overall in the market as well.

This was a campaign that was later awarded ‘The Best Campaign Of The Year’ in ICI’s Global Portfolio.

Key Visuals: Print, OOH & Branding

Accu Chek Performa


Perception Reshaping Campaign


Diabetes Shouldn’t Stop You

The Intelligent Blood Glucose Meter That Adapts Your Lifestyle

Roche required a 360º marketing campaign to launch Accu-Chek Performa in APAC region.

Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning Statement

Brand ID & Seed

Communication Strategy

Launch Event

Theme & Event Management

Mall & Key Store Activations

Consumer Shows


Creative Platform

Ideation & Storytelling

TV Concept & Storyboard

Copy & Content Writing

Key Visuals

Print Ads & OOH

Production Management

Ad Film Production

On-Boarding Filmmaking Teams

Director Board & Treatment Note

Production Design & Plan

Celebrity & Talent Management

Music Production

Still Photography

Shoot & Post Production

Campaign Won The Best Own Regional Award

Ideation & Storytelling

We unearthed that the brand needed a purpose beyond ‘showing control over diabetes in your lifestyle,’ a feature-based communication that wasn’t motivating.

Unearthing BRAND IDEOLOGY insights from our audiences revealed that what Diabetic people wanted was a means where “Diabetes Shouldn’t Stop Your Performance In Life,” a CULTURAL STRATEGY which we encompassed as “To bring inspiration and innovation to every diabetic in the world” with our Brand’s Purpose as “Help People With Diabetes Keep Performing In Life.”

Waseem Akram, a star cricketer with Diabetes, was chosen to lead the campaign as the HERO. We showed him as a golfer, instead of cricket, as someone who has never given up on the things he loved and has kept performing in all areas of his life despite having Diabetes, with

Accu Chek Performa is a natural fit for helping him lead a performance-oriented life. We followed up with regular everyday people who were winning in life despite having Diabetes.

We developed the 360º Marketing / Advertising Campaign from TVC, Print, Outdoor, Merchandising and On Ground Activations from and won the hearts and wallets of people with Diabetes everywhere.


The campaign instantly connected with people as it was for the first time that Diabetes was not shown as a debilitating disease but as one that could be managed and still help people keep on top of their lives.

Creativecom also won the “Best Regional Award” for this campaign, and the communication was selected by Roche worldwide for airing in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Nestle Fruita Vital


Ad Film

Real Fruit Experience

Real Fruits – Nestle Fruita Vital

We did one of the signature brand imagery production conceptualized by Ogilvy for Nestle Fruita Vitals in Thailand.

Nestle Fruita Vital, a range of premium Juices and Nectars from Nestle. , is prepared using the finest fruit carefully chosen from the world’s orchards and processed under Nestle’s stringent quality standards.


Production Management

International Film Production

On-Boarding Filmmaking Teams

Production Design & Plan

Sound Track Rights Management

Still Photography

Shoot & Post Production

Greatest Stories Need Great Vision

Under the leadership of filmmaker Ehmer Kirmani, MI Films Worldwide teamed up with Avi Karpick, who has worked globally as a renowned cinematographer and director on hundreds of large-scale and award-winning advertising campaigns.

The film production team shot the 2 min spot in Thailand highlighting four delicious flavors – Mangos from Pakistan, Pineapple From Indonesia, Grapes From Italy and Apples from Greece – these convenient, single-serve juice boxes were shown to package and deliver only the most fruity, delicious and refreshing taste from all over the world. A nutritional value people can feel good about serving.

We have captured cinematic shots of landscapes, orchards, fields, farms & vineyards and people of Greece, Indonesia, Italy & Pakistan, sweeping shots of settings and environments with glimpses of faces, shots of famous landmarks, interactions with the orchards and ripe fruit and playing with sun flares & reflections to give an artistic feel and transition shot with water to create a dreamy sequence.

Once it’s come to beauty product shots, high-speed fruits & juices splashes colliding, diving and gliding shots which have created the wow factor in the film.

In short, Avi Karpick rightly believed this was not a story that needed to be developed and told but a beautiful, inspiring combination of fleeting impressions to portray the various countries in an atmospheric and inspirational way, almost poetic in nature and indeed derived it accordingly.

It was an exciting project with a lot of learnings while working with the world’s best commercial & tabletop director Avi Karpick; his filmmaking expertise & rich experience depict his magical direction right from defining the treatment & mood of the film to the shooting days.


Dolphin Show


360º Intergrated Event Marketing & Management

The Biggest & Largest Event Of The Decade

Entertaining Over One Million People

The Dolphin Show International was the biggest and largest entertainment event of the decade produced on a scale never attempted or successfully implemented in Pakistan in 2013.

Media Idee worked on the ideation to bring the series of international events to entertain and enlighten the viewers with world-class live performances, considering the limited entertainment available to the people of Pakistan.

The Dolphin Show International was the joint venture between Media Idee and Moon Builders in partnership with Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Maritime Museum.

Media Idee, as the organizer, made the impossible happen from ideation, event marketing, sponsorships, and event management; besides, handling the logistics of the transfer alone meant working with international governments, chartering planes and getting permissions from 14 different ministries in Pakistan.

Beyond that, while working with the partner construction company, the Media Idee’s events team also took it upon themselves to guarantee the stadium’s design, construction, and general audience comfort.

Media Idee amplification team has worked & executed 360º marketing campaign, branding and promotional components from print, outdoor, tvc, website, ticket booking software and apps, digital marketing, marketing collateral, venue branding and merchandising.

We also managed the promotional activations in schools, colleges, universities, malls, and float roadshows to create the hype of the events and made the ticket selling & show bookings too.

We also handled the corporate marketing & show bookings, besides managing the school’s show bookings, operations and logistics.

Online & online tickets selling at the venue and outstation ticket booths were also placed and managed in different parts of the city while easing the people to buy tickets. TCS was the official courier partner of Dolphin Show International for online ticket bookings and dispatches.

We have also run celebrity and celebrity endorsement campaigns on mainstream media to create a buzz in the market. The marketing and PR blitz ensured that the top media companies, including Geo, Ary Digital, Dawn, Express, Jang, Tribune, and international media, covered the event and over 1000 blogs and sites wrote about the subsequent shows their experiences.

School shows were held in the morning and reached over 1500 schools in Karachi during the 90 days. Over 500,000 students watched the live show with their schools, while over a million people during the general shows.



Ideation & Theme

Marketing & Sponsorship

Event Management

Sponsor’s Stalls Management

Venue Branding & Logistic

Tickets Sales & Booking

General & Corporate Shows

School & Special Shows


Event Logo & Theme

Ideation & Storytelling

TVC & Documentary


Copy & Content Writing

Key Visuals

Marketing & Sales Kit

Print & OOH

Merchandising & POS

Dolphinaire Management

Dolphin Stadium Construction

International Performance Team

Charted Plane

Mammals Logistics

Permission & Security Clearance

Travel & Accommodation


Equipment’s & Hardware Management


Stage & Show Content Production

Sound, Lights & Effects Design

Promotional Videos Production


Corporate Website

Online Tickets Booking Portal

Digital & Social Marketing


Malls & Hyper Stores Activations

Float Shows & Mobile Ticket Sales

Ticket Booth Management

Branding & Fabrications

Tickets Sales Partner Management


Media Partners Management

Media & Showbiz Shows

Advertising & Media Promotions

PR & Celebrity

PR Management

Celebrity Management

Celebrity Testimonials

Traditional Media

Website & Email Marketing

E-Ticketing Solution Development

The Dolphin Show in Karachi was the star event of the year 2014. Media Idee was the technology partner handling all aspects of digital from the online real-time booking engine integrated with email and SMS to the online marketing, social support, website development and hosting and infrastructure.

SMS-Alerts & Online Selling

Corporate & Pr Management

Social & CSR


Upcoming Dolphin Show In Bahira Town, Lahore

Drop Coffee

Branding & Architectural

Integrated Marketing Campaign

A Niche Coffee Bar

Drop Coffee

A niched coffee bar, created from scratch from copy to final construction across 2 sites in Karachi Pakistan.

A coffee bar created with a cool finesse mathematical scheme surpassing across all coffee brands in pakistan by far due to a delicate brand strategy.


Logo, copy, branding, social media activation, drafting, architectural design, detail drawings, 3Ds, execution, construction consultation, all packaging design, merchandise, signages



Emotive Perception Building

Be The Inspiring Hope


A challenging project where we had to create an emotional appeal in storytelling by showcasing how Akhuwat transformed the lives of millions, alleviating poverty by empowering socially and economically marginalized families through interest-free micro-finance and free education, envisions a poverty-free society built on the principles of compassion.

Allah hooo ooooooo ALLAH hooo
Karam say terey banay koi wasila yun
#KisiAasKoTootnayNaDain #Akhuwat
#PlayYourPart #SMS8988 and #DonateRs20



Creative Platform

Ideation & Storytelling

Brand Capsule

Concepts & Storyboards

Copy & Content Writing

Akhuwat Thematic TVC

Flood Relief TVC

Akhuwat University Documentary

Key Visuals

Print Ads & OOH

Production Management

Ad Films & Documentary

On-Boarding Filmmaking Teams

Director Board & Treatment Note

Production Design & Plan

Talent Management

Singer & Music

Still Photography

Shoot & Post Production



360º Integrated Marketing Campaign

Creative Transformation & Perception Reshaping

Re-Imaging a Beauty Icon

Golden Pearl Presents Glamourama … Aafreen Aafreen

Glamourama is one of our signature brand imagery transformation and perception reshaping project we did for the No.1 selling beauty brand Golden Pearl.

Under the leadership of our creative leader, filmmaker and storyteller, Ehmer Kirmani, we have worked with our global teams at Brand Culture Network on this exciting project.

With a storyteller’s heart, Ehmer Kirmani unlocks the magic by crafting captivating storytelling with inspiring brand imagery from Ideation, Storytelling, and Film Direction to Producing Glamourama Ad Film and Music Video (Brand Entertainment Content) for Golden Pearl Beauty Brand.


Cultural Branding

Brand Purpose

Brand Manifesto

Brand Culture Strategy


Brand Styling

Brand Capsule


Creative Transformation

Perception Reshaping

Creative Platform

Ideation & Storytelling


Music Film

TV Commercial

Print Ads & OOH

Key Visuals

Production Management

Music & Ad Film Productions

Production Designing & Planning

Director Board & Treatment Note

On-Boarding Dream Filmmaking Teams

Song Rights Management

Celebrity Management

Shoot & Post Production

Music Film

The Challenge

The entrance of multinational brands like Fair & Glow (Fair & Lovely), Garnier, Ponds, and other regional players into the beauty cream segment by launching their product line extension, even few with the same proposition, promise, product offerings, specifications and packaging format openly challenges the market leader Golden Pearl Beauty Cream.

Golden Pearl Cosmetics required an Inspiring Brand Culture of its own to create a substantial differential from the competitor’s brands, strengthening Golden Pearl Beauty Cream’s leadership positioning, being the Number 1 Selling Multi-Billion Value Winning Brand.

Besides that, Golden Pearl Cosmetics also needs a perception re-shaping by uplifting their overall master brand identity, imagery & communications, enabling them to compete with the best considering their upcoming skin and hair care launches, which multinational brands currently predominate.

In short, a need for powerful, aspiring, captivating storytelling that depicts the Brand Culture of its own to create inspiring brand imagery.

This project was precisely the challenge the client gave us to thrive on and being the Brand Culture Agency, we were very excited to accept it and loved working on this exciting project.

Cultivating Purpose & Brand Culture

The strongest actions for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could, and “Beauty” is the platform that has always been likened to a glow…an aura.

Derived through our Cultural Branding Marcom Toolkit “Brand Culture Hive,” we worked out the brand culture strategy to build & own “Glamourama Culture” and by crafting unique storytelling with the purpose of “Shine Like A Pearl.”

Crafting Ideation & Storytelling

Golden Pearl Beauty Cream Presents “GLAMOURAMA”, storytelling about Beauty Glamour & Performance delivered by an international celebrity film star cum model.

This special cocktail is signaling a new direction for Golden Pearl Beauty Cream, the fusion of The West and The East, Beauty and Glamour … a fusion of the legendary late singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s musical composition, an exquisite action that’s cut to arguably the most famous song “Husne Jana Ki Taareef Mumkin Naheen…Aafreen Aafreen” It’s impossible to praise the beauty of a woman…Praise to the Creator Praise to the Creator.

One of the best-ever songs about beauty and the charm of women, a stellar arrangement of spectacular vocals, soundtrack, and lyrical poetry will make this an all-singing and all-dancing masterpiece.

A Strong Woman…

Looks A Challenge In The Eye…

And Gives It A Wink

Celebrity Film Star Elnaaz Norouzi is a woman of power. She’s one of the upcoming celebrity film star-cum-models of Bollywood & Lollywood. She has to exhibit that subtle blend of confidence and authenticity that makes a genuine and superb performance.

She brings her own energy, power, and personality to the piece one by one. Confidence shines through her beauty and radiates from her glowing skin and glamorous & charming looks.

The trick is to channel her charisma into a performance that’s powerful and yet accessible, a tricky paradox. We love that mix of beauty, confidence, and style gets right to the heart of the piece.

We Must Learn Who Is Gold And Who Is Gold Plated

Elnaaz Norouzi drives the storytelling of a celebrity model-cum-film star-cum-global influencer and legit beauty goddess. She reveals the real magic of her glamorous & charming looks, which she gets from Golden Pearl Beauty Cream to enhance her star power to “Rise & Shine” with confidence & style.

It is all about creating an aura of sensuality, glamour, beauty, and style. The idea is the perfect medium for our actress to reveal her beauty – her secret of soft and glowingly beautiful skin.

It made a subtle yet profound connection with our audience on serval levels; aesthetic, emotional, and rational. We are all in our element at the intersection of Beauty, Glamour, Style, Performance, and Celebrity.

Gorgeous Look Is The Best Revenge

Film Director’s Note

This film was exactly the challenge I always thrived on; we were signaling a new direction for Golden Pearl Beauty Cream through this special cocktail of “Rise & Shine” through Beauty & Glamour, Style & Performance, we will set a new benchmark for beauty work in the market.

The transformation of the celebrity fusion of the West Beauty goddess to the East – Bollywood Glamorous Star through capturing inspiring storytelling of her beauty, style & performance has made this a world first.

We’re used to formulaic beauty celebrity endorsement commercials made on a single set with the usual application shots followed by the girl endorsing the brand.

This blows that paradigm wide open with a freshness and dynamic execution to win the target’s heart, mind… and purses.

Ehmer Kirmani, Film Director, Chief Creative & Storyteller

The Result

Golden Pearl Glamourama not only built the desired inspiring brand imagery of master brand Golden Pearl but overall strengthened the leadership portfolio, being the No.1 Selling Beauty Brand by effectively accelerating its 2.5X growth versus the industry growth.

The communications proved to be a super hit, generating the highest ever recall of the brand and becoming the signature communications of Golden Pearl.

The Glamouramam communications also helped generate the sales volumes of other personal & beauty care products offered by Golden Pearl, from body lotions, shampoo, face washes, and beauty soaps.

Considering the above facts, the client extended the commercial communications contracts to air Glamourama Communications for the next two years.

Execution Is Everything..

And It’S Need A Dream Team To Win


  • Brand Culture Network | A Brand-First Marcom Agency
  • Creativecom | A Brand-First Creative Agency
  • Media Idee | A Brand-First Amplification Agency
  • MI Films Worldwide | A Brand-First Production Agency
  • Founder, Chief Creative & Filmmaker: Ehmer Kirmani
  • Co-Founder & ECD: Laur Barbu
  • Managing Partner @ MI Films: Farrukh Kemall
  • Global Director: Sophie Melek
  • Brand Culture Strategists: Hasita & Tudor
  • Executive Director MENA: Xahid Rashed
  • Director Creative Amplifications: Shakeel Qureshi
  • ACD: Shazia Alvi
  • Art & Design Head: Imran Uddin


  • Client: Golden Pearl Cosmetics Pvt. Limited
  • Brand: Golden Pearl Beauty Cream
  • CEO: Sheikh Abid Mehmood
  • Director: Abdul Rasheed
  • GM: Abdul Hannan
  • Consultant: Ashar Shami


  • Artist: Legendary Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
  • Lyricist: Javed Akhtar
  • Song & Sound Track Licensed by: N.F.A.K Music Memorial Academy London, United Kingdom
  • Song Rights Management: Waseem Dar / Talent Wood
  • We do not claim to own this song & soundtrack in this Music Film & TVC


  • Produced By: MI Films Worldwide
  • Film Director & Storyteller: Ehmer Kirmani
  • Executive Producer: Sherry Birk
  • Cinematographer: TOM
  • Dance Director & Choreographers: Feroze Khan & Team
  • AD: Mattanin
  • Project Director: Shakeel Qureshi
  • Line Productions: Benetone Films
  • Exe. Line Producer : Kulthep Narula
  • Line Producer: Aey
  • Associate Producer: Ali G
  • Art Director: Toh
  • Fashion Stylists: Appa & Pang
  • Celebrity Beauty Makeup & Hair Artist: Rebecca Donney
  • Makeup & Hair Artists (Dance Queen Group): Ann, Fah, Dow


  • Featuring Celebrity Film Star: Elnaaz Narouzi
  • Dance Group: Dance Queens (BKK)
  • Talent Agency Celebrity: Citrus Talent
  • Stills: Iftikhar Pasha


  • VFX & Animation: Animagic
  • Edit: Junaid Hashmi
  • Grading: Zairi @ Big Foot
  • Production House: MI Films Worldwide

Greatest Stories Need Great Vision

Ehmer Kirmani, founder, chief creative, filmmaker and storyteller at heart, loves empowering brands to lead in their marketplace with powerful and distinctive brand imagery by crafting brand culture through captivating storytelling and 360º amplification to create inspiring brand journeys.

Besides film direction, being a chief creative and strategic cultural branding narrator, he works on deriving the brand manifesto, brand culture, ideation & concepts with the global team at Brand Culture Network.

He delivered successful 360º advertising campaigns and branded entertainment content for leading international & regional Multi-Billion Value Winning Brands.

He has created an excellent working culture across the Marcom Network by taking on board the world’s best creative and film community professionals from the Western and Eastern Hemispheres.

Under his visionary leadership, our talented & experienced, highly skilled global creative and film production teams at Marcom Network execute every project passionately and seamlessly as he knows how to utilize the team’s expertise & skills to deliver the best.

That’s how we become experts in crafting a powerful brand narrative that translates into captivating storytelling with epic sound and inspiring brand imagery with a cinematic style and approach to create the real magic in every film we do.

Production Design

Considering the project’s overall scope, Ehmer Kirmani designed the entire production while working with the global creative and film production team at MI Films Worldwide, A Brand-First Production Agency of our Marcom Network.

He engaged the world’s best professionals in the film industry from Bollywood and Hollywood Hemispheres to make a dream team to execute this production flawlessly with perfection & creativity.

Ehmer Kirmani, aka creative filmmaker & storyteller, always loves to explore, experiment, & execute new techniques & skills by pushing the boundaries in the quest to find the perfect capture of visually appealing scenes, and that’s what he has done in this project too.

He had multiple sessions with the producer, line producer, ADs, cinematographer, art director, styling director, choreographer, celebrity model, dance group, makeup artist, and fashion stylist to discuss the director board, film treatment and overall mood.

Starting from locations, art, props, stage design, styling, wardrobe, shooting schedule, sequence planning, lighting, camera angles & movements, etc.

Overall, spending more than two weeks completing it with complete perfection as time spent in pre-pro, considering the film’s realization needed much detail and precision.

Capturing The Beauty

TOM is one of the world’s most celebrated Cinematographers, specially in capturing beauty, skin, and hair. He enjoyed over ten years of excellent working relationship with film director & storyteller Ehmer Kirmani. Together, they have developed fantastic chemistry to deliver numerous imagery Ad Films productions of leading brands while working for MI Films Worldwide. We partnered with the world’s best Bollywood celebrity choreographer, Feroze Khan & Team choreographed the entire Glamourama music film & ad film.

Along with a world-renowned choreographer and cinematographer, we engaged the internationally acclaimed DanceQueen group to enthrall the set with vibrance and energy.

Every sequence & frame were deliberated well in advance to capture every shot smoothly with a glamorous choreographic style and mood.

The signature expression, dance steps & moves, stylised walk, product application shots, and other gestures of the celebrity star were to depict her powerful performance & beauty. At the same time, Golden Pearl Beauty Cream empowers the Celebrity Film Star to “Rise & Shine” with confidence and style.

Eventually, all this led to revealing the beauty & glamour that Celebrity Film Star got from Golden Pearl Beauty Cream to enhance her star power to “Rise & Shine” with confidence & style, and performance.

Your Skin Is 90% Of Your Selfie

Fantastic skin is always vital; that’s why her complexion appeared flawless, healthy, and soft, with warm skin tones but not heavy. Eye contour mascara adds presence to the eyes and lipstick. Well-balanced – did not overtake the hair.

The major challenge was handling the transformation of celebrity looks & makeovers from Greek goddess to Bollywood star that compliments the styling, glamour & beauty.

MI Films collaborated with Glam Lead Fashion and Celebrity Makeup artist Rebecca Doney from the UK. Rebecca has been a professional make-up and hair artist for over 15 years and began her career assisting Gucci Westman, Hannah Murry, Miranda Joyce, and Anita Keeling. Rebecca has traveled internationally with an extensive Bollywood career working with A-list celebrities such as llenan D’Cruz, Anushka Sharma, Shraddha Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, and John Abraham, to name a few.

Dress For Success | Style Gurus

The celebrity style guru Salvi Chandrshekhar is famously notorious for his magic in Bajirao mastani, Bhootnath returns and many more. At the same time, the Thai fashion king elaborated on the western art of styling.

We created the transformation from Greek goddess to Eastern beauty glamor. Salvi and Pang collaborated to deliver the charisma of east and west fusion. Stunning dresses and, alluring makeup, flirting jewelry created the destined vanity in the production.

We have created a fantastic evening dress out of light floating fabric to make our heroine look stunning.

We used a high-speed wind machine to give Elnaaz that stylized greek goddess looks with White Flowing Gown, and the long tail Burgundy Dress looks even more impressive as it flows and billows around her with every step and as she nimbly leaps into the air

Locations & Set Designs

The Director & film production team scouted the locations that have given the perfect backgrounds once we started capturing the journey sequence of beauty from West to East.

From the beauty of nature, castle, art & cultural building, stylized bedroom set & furniture, and Bollywood style performance stage set looks convincing and glamorous and provide a stylish backdrop to integrate the action organically into the environment with a touch of gold.

We got the details right through world-class art direction and meticulous planning.

Two Days Rehearsals

We had three days of rehearsal before the shoot to make everything perfect, once capturing the journey of the beautiful goddess from west to east.

To achieve the desired signature expressions and choreographic dance movements and stylize walking with the glamorous-looking shots and performance, the director & choreographer have conducted three full days of rehearsal sessions with the celebrity star and models from Dance Queen Group before the shoot.

During the rehearsal, the director also made the fashion designers & makeup artists give a demo of multiple looks & styling of the celebrity.

To ensure the goddess’ stunning transformation from the west to the east with flawless styling and gorgeous appearances before the shoot.


Audio is vital to creating the right emotional mood and tone. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is truly a voice of god as he chants, “praising of beauty is not possible” in Urdu, taken from a song.

As a Qawwali and Sufi music pioneer, he introduced this genre to the western world and is still recognized as one of the most powerful voices in the music industry and still known as the ‘King of Qawwali”.

Pakistani pop combines traditional Pakistani classical music and Western jazz and rock influences and that’s why we have shown the model’s journey from a western to an eastern look … a fusion like Nusrat Fateh Ali’s musical composition.

The audio design would help amplify the impact and fluidity and add additional textural layering to the visuality. The right ambient SFX punctuation is critical to the believability of the narrative and underpins Elnaaz Norouzi’s dialogue with the camera and the announcer voiceover.

Light/Camera & Editing

The whole feel was polished realism … a beautiful woman refusing to let anyone define her. The light would simultaneously be ‘real’ and ‘beauty’, not fake.

The look would be more theatrical as we have gone for a more formal beauty set-up. The light on the face & hair would remain gorgeous all through. Contrasts and shadows would have created intimacy.

Technically, we used different focal lengths and angles to create a highly cinematic look and feel.

Telling the story needs a rich signature cinematic language steeped in storytelling. The editing has been done with rich, sharp, and intelligent, like some slow-paced cinematic & beautiful music video clips. Instead, it was a filmic study of life. We wanted her confident personality and glamour to shine through.

Premium Cinematic Chic

Visually, the film was an eclectic mix of high-end beauty and a premium blockbuster. It had a strong beauty appeal running throughout, but it also had a music video look and felt – high energy and high production value.

Every frame was unique, visually and emotionally, perfectly planned and executed. We have looked for each shot’s best angles, lenses, and perspectives.

Our priority was always to capture every beautiful detail, from the celebrity fabulous to the gleaming textures of her dress.
Lighting was vital to making Elnaaz look even more stunning. Her skin looked immaculate, perfectly smooth, radiant & beautiful.

To amplify the cinematic feel of our Glamaourama film, we have taken visuals from atmospheric wides of the grand locations & nature, stunning villa vistas, cultural architecture, classical stairs, traditional corridors, and Bollywood-style film sets. We have blended all these with intense storytelling mediums and intimate close-ups.

Elnaaz’s beautiful, strong eyes, the blades reflected light, her stunning dress shifting and changing shape with her movements. We increased the cinematic ante further by playing with camera speed, dropping some slow-motion moments into the real-time footage to add greater dynamism.

Tv Commercial

Key Visuals

Prints / OOH

Exhibition Stall



Branding & Architectural

An Exquisite Perfume Haus


An exquisite perfume haus was created for distributer: extravaganza fragrances, France.

In dubai in a series of sites, accumulating to roughly 12 total sites spread throughout the UAE, with some active on-going constructions as of January 2023.

Architectural drafting, from a 2D plan to hyperrealistic visualisations were created following a thorough protocol of consultation checks by Ar. Purnia Farrukh to allow for clear and quick detailed execution by a chain of contractors.


Drafting, architectural design, detail drawings, 3Ds, execution, construction consultation